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Cajuns Love Company

March 25-April 5, 2020

We are going to Cajun Country!  A wonderful trip is planned visiting New Orleans, Lafayette and Natchez.    Starting at the KOA of New Orleans, a welcome “Crawfish Boil” Dinner and orientation is planned for you.  Our trip  starts with  our tour of New Orleans.  This  “Super City” tour will include a wonderful Jazz Brunch  planned for us at the Court of Two Sisters and a visit the notorious  World War II Museum.  Also in New Orleans, we will visit the wonderful plantations including the Laura Plantation and the Oak Alley Plantation.  Traveling on to Lafayette, Louisiana, we will camp for four nights at the KOA there.  A Chartered bus tour is planned for the city where  we will visit St. Martinville,  local Cajun music and local crafts, the all new Tabasco Factory Experience, Jean Lafitte Cultural Center,  Shadows-On-The Teche,  Vermilionville,   St. John’s Cathedral, the magnificent 500 year old Oak, a swamp tour and much more.   These are just a few of the wonderful sites to see in Lafayette.  Then in Vidalia, Louisiana, just across for the Mississippi River, we will spend 3 nights at the River View RV Resort and visit the wonderful homes in Natchez including House on Ellicott Hill and Magnolia Hall.  An elegant candlelight farewell dinner is planned for us at Magnolia Hall. We are  looking forward to a wonderful time in Cajun Country and hope you will join in on the fun! 


Trip Fees:

One Unit 2 People: $2,395

One Unit 1 Person: $1,575

Additional Person: $820


CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellation must be received at the COA office in writing in order to be valid.  If you must cancel for any reason 15 days or more prior to the start of the event, all money paid less $50.00 per person registered will be refunded.  If you cancel later than 15 days prior to the start of the event, all money, less 25% of the full Rally/Trip fee will be refunded.  Cancellations received after the event has started will receive no refund.  You may request consideration for unforeseen circumstances.  Please recognize that many non-refundable deposits and financial commitments are made will in advance of the event during the planning stages.  These commitments make the cancellation policy necessary.  It is not intended to be a penalty. 

I understand that neither Coachmen RV/Forest River, Inc. nor any campground or company, assumes any responsibility, directly or indirectly for the use or operation of a car or recreational vehicle going to or from or during the Rally/Trip: or for any losses involving personal belongings, the car or recreational vehicle due to any cause whatever; or for injuries within or without the Trip/Rally; or for damage to property of any kind.


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