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COA Member Benefits

The Coachmen Owners Association is your one-stop resource for information, recreation and discounts. It is designed to help you get the most pleasure from owning a Coachmen product. Your benefits include:

Family grilling in front of a Travel Trailer

We will tell you the best way to go. Let us plan the itinerary that leads you to fun and traveling pleasure.

Take the high road to adventure all year long. Our professional staff is constantly striving to develop outstanding tours and events that our members can enjoy. Traveling to special places with friends is a memorable experience that families can enjoy and share together.

Pete's Market is the Club's online and mail order store. A vast array of distinctive items to make your RV adventures more fun. Special decals, patches, clothing accessories, jewelry and more are reasonably priced with a 15% discount for our members.

We have campgrounds all over the United States and Canada that give active members a 10% discount. All you need to do is present your membership card at the check-in counter of those campgrounds listed in the Campground Directory. An annual directory helps you use this program. This publication also includes Rally, Tours and Chapter information.

Enjoy outings with other members all year long. In addition to trips and rallies, you can enjoy your local, state and district chapter activities too! There's always something exciting to plan and attend.

You can receive rally and trip discounts for signing up new members.

The Owners Association has negotiated a very low price on an optional emergency road service program that covers not only your RV, but your vehicle being driven or towed.

This terrific program is available at a very special group rate price and is designed specifically for you. Quotes available upon request.

This convenient program allows you to stay in touch with loved ones back home. Pay for postage cost only.

This affordable membership plan provides you with an air ambulance service that can be accessed within a short amount of time, at a special reduced price.

Conveniently pay for logo merchandise, trips and specialty events.

Give your membership number to our parts department and you may receive a discount on available parts.

As a COA member you will enjoy the ease of contacting our service representatives and parts managers. Give us a call here at the office so we may assist you.

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