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Virginia Chapter 100 Campout


 APRIL 8, 2016


Present: Larry and Nancy Danner, Steve and Jeannie Miller, Martha Maure3r-Jennis and Dave Jennis, Joe and Sharon Garcia, Richard and Janet Cunningham; Tom and Becky Patrick


Larry opened the meeting at 1:40 PM and asked Tom to pray.


Old Business:

Larry went over the inventory of Chapter 100 shirts. He said the chapter had agreed to spend $100 to keep inventory in stock. It was decided or order Large and Large polo shirts and two hats.


The 2016 campout schedule is complete. August will be at North 340 campground in Waynesboro, VA.


Tom resigned as President due to conflicting interests. He asked Larry to be President. It was unanimously agreed. Larry needs a Vice President. Tom Patrick said he would fill that position. The vote was unanimous in favor.


New Business

The Mid-Atlantic Rally will be held in South Carolina from May 11-15, 2016. The VA club has a coffee pot; we need orange juice, coffee, decaf, creamer, sugars. Tom Patrick agreed to furnish the coffees, creamers and sugars. Joe and Sharon Garcia said they would provide the cups and small plates; also the barbeque sauce for the June State Rally.


State Rally June 7-12, 2016

So far, ten (10) units have signed up for the June rally. Door prizes are needed. Welcome packets. Steve will get t up with Rock Devoy for goody bag stuff.

We will provide two Boston butts no bigger than 10# each. Thursday will be the welcome social including Subway sandwiches, potato chips, lemonade or water

Friday will be a potluck supper. Chapter 100 will provide barbeque.

Saturday will be a catered dinner from Bojangles

Sunday will be a continental breakfast.

Janet Cunningham will get desserts for the catered meal, items for the continental breakfast including juice and fruit cups. Tom Patrick will provide coffees, etc.

Bring receipts to Jeannie for submission to COA. Let Jane3t know what’s left over.


Larry has flags; table flags and COA banner.


Friday AM – Ladder golf

Friday PM – Beam Bag Baseball;;

Fri PM Joker

Lulu is getting Visitor Center information It was suggested that AAA bags be gotten as Goody Bags (Martha) Larry will do name tags and itinerary.


Treasurers Report

The account currently has a balance of $1,432.44. Tom moved to accept the Treasurers Report; Steve Miller seconded the motion

August campout will be in Waynesboro, VA. Ten spots have been reserved. There is a pavilion available; no cable. Free WIFI. Cost is $37.91 per night for the VA Cardinals.


Richard Cunningham moved that the meeting adjourn. Steve Miller seconded the motion. Tom closed the meeting with a prayer.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:40 PM, April 8, 2016

New England State Rally/Main Coachmen Chapter 163


The New England Rally was held at The Pumpkin Patch RV Resort in Hermon, Maine, June 5, 6, & 7th, 2015. Games were had on Saturday as well as Maine Red Hot Dogs. All enjoyed a great feast of Steak/Corn on the Cob/Rolls and Ice Cream Saturday night. Everyone received a hand made wooden bowl made especially for us by Richard Southard. The campground was happy to accommodate early arrivals and extended stays. We had a great turnout and all had a great time.

Pam Waterhouse

2015 District 3 Rally Recap


District 3 Rally Recap
May 15-17, 2015
Elkhorn Campground
Frankfort, KY


The 35th District 3 Rally was well attended with 28 units. Sixteen were first-timers! Games had to be played indoors, however, because heaven provided a great deal of moisture on Saturday.

Friday night began with a Hot Dog Roast, hosted by Terry & Marty Hart, District 3 Reps from Michigan.

Following the roast, Bob & Darlene Workinger, District 3 Representatives, hosted a series of “Anything Goes” games. These games, with 4 team members, are designed for folks to get acquainted with each other, and it worked! The 1st Place team was "Late Friday's", consisting of Sam & Charlene Williams and George & Linda Attard.

Saturday morning, the Kentucky delegation prepared and served breakfast.

The morning game, Washer Toss (doubles), found stiff competition among the players. Playing to "21 exact" during elimination rounds was tough and some found themselves reversing direction when going over 21.

Washer Toss Winners

  • 1st Place: Dana Abshier (COA member from IN) and Terry Hart (MI #145 Wing Knutz)
  • 2nd Place: Delaney Albin (Dana Abshier's granddaughter) and Bill Voss (KY #180 Coachmen of the Blue Grass)
  • 3rd Place: Bill Thompson (COA member from KY) and Loren Goodale (COA member from MI)

Bean Bag Toss (doubles) was played after lunch. As in Washer Toss, the scoring was "21". This game had its share of folks falling backward when they exceeded 21, as well as having bean bags land on the overhead beams at times. Lucky there were some tall men who retrieved them.

Bean Bag Toss Winners

  • 1st Place: Bill Voss (KY #180 Coachmen of the Blue Grass) and Terry Hart (MI #145 Wing Knutz)
  • 2nd Place: Dave Albin (Dana Abshier's son-in-law) and Marty Hart (MI #145 Wing Knutz)
  • 3rd Place: Jan Voss (KY #180 Coachmen of the Blue Grass) and Jerry Kilby (COA member from KY)

Ice cream was then served by District 3 officers Bob Workinger and Marty Hart.

Saturday night dinner was prepared by the Kentucky group and was delicious. It consisted of smoked pork loin, fried chicken, boiled new potatoes, green beans, corn, carrots, Cole slaw, rolls and butter. The dessert table was filled with a variety of pies and sliced Bundt cake.

The first-time attendees gathered for a group photo. They are:

  • Kentucky: Gary & Rebecca Best, Bob & Ann Brown, Jerry & Lesia Kilby, Bill & Cyndy Thompson, and Sam & Charlene Williams.
  • Indiana: Dana & Debbie Abshier (with guests: daughter Deena, her husband Dave and their daughter, Delaney), Mark & Carol Birch, and Don & Ginny Shine.
  • Michigan: Roger & Nancy Conley, Loren Goodale, Mike & Pat Lowe, and Bill & Rosanna Macfarlane.
  • Ohio: Bill & Carolyn Amos, Bill & Barb Carr, Richard & Eila Gessells, and Josh & Tammy Mack with children Kahnor & Aerilynn.

Darlene and Bob Workinger gave a cloverleaf award to Bill & Barb Carr for being the first to register. The District 3 officers were introduced: Joe & Gale Duggins (Vice President) and Terry & Marty Hart (Treasurer & Secretary), as well as themselves (President).

Door prizes were then given out.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Gale Duggins (KY #226 Derby City Coachmen).

An afghan (made by Jan Voss) was raffled off and won by Earl Sherrow (KY #226 Derby City Coachmen).

Sunday morning there was a non-denominational service led by Bob & Darlene Workinger. Darlene read a scripture and a variety of articles that offered food for thought. Alma Bloss and Marty Hart assisted with readings, and Marty led the singing of two songs. Bob gave a prayer for safe travels, good health for all, and God's blessings. Everyone gathered in a circle, held hands, and Darlene said a few words, ending with... "until we meet again".

Submitted by: Martha Hart, Secretary, District 3

Virginia Cardinal Chapter 100 Campout


The Virginia Cardinals met at Misty MT. April 16 for our first camp out of the year. We had 6 units in attendance. The first item on our agenda was to sweep out the cobwebs and oil up the rusty joints and play JOKER.

On Friday Grace and Vass provided a great meal of taco soup (chili) and cornbread and cake, Richard and Janet also provided a cake. After that great meal Larry made us all suffer with a meeting, but we accomplished a lot going over next month Mid-Atlantic Rally, and of course more joker.

Saturday every one gathered at Larry & Nancy's unit and we cooked hot dogs for lunch. That evening some went out to eat.

Sunday morning Ron and Phyllis had devotions. We all had a great time together and we can't wait till May till we are all together again.

2015 Wings Snowbird Rally


Wings Retirees Chapter 2015 Snowbird Report.

This year we WELCOME Eleven “First timer” at our Snowbird rally, which was again hosted by “Blueberry Hill RV Resort” at Bushnell, Florida. Blueberry Hill’s Staff were a very great host and we enjoyed their hospitality. We were a Noisy group cause we enjoyed our self and the Campground enjoyed our enthusiastic Rally.

Forty-one units: from FL. MD. DE. MA. SC. PA. NC. VA. MI. GA. TN. Canada, CT. LA. OH. MT., MS. & NJ. Were In attendance.

The Rally ran from Wednesday to Thursday (Eight nights). Monday was an OPEN day because the Webster Flea Market was open ONLY on Monday so most of the members went to it.

Most members arrived on Tuesday one day ahead of the “Official” rally to get settle and chat with old friends since we last meet. The Wagon master had some errand to do such as shopping for Bowls, Napkins, Donuts, and other forgotten stuff while others went checking out the area.

Wednesday: The Rally formally started under COOL but sunny skies. Wagon Master Kim presented the Welcome ceremonies and reviewed the weeks' agenda. He also introduced the first time snowbirds. Jens Pedersen COA Rep. kept us updated on the various future COA Caravans and Rallies. Wayne Dilliplaine took photos of members, along with our group photo, which was printed by Wal-Mart and given to all members Afterward; Rainbow Cater provided a Roast Beef dinner, which was great as usually. We had to vacate the hall at 6PM as the campground had a Musical entertainment group.

Thursday: Morning was a bit COOL and Windy. Bruce Mylles, our VP in charge of Games was a bit under the weather so we now have individual Game Coordinators (Linda Harrison & Marguerite Habel) did a great job of setting up the courts and assigning the teams, which our hardy members enjoy.

BOCCE Winners were:

  • FIRST PLACE: Stan Wildermuth, Audrey Hayden, Sue Vaughn & Barbara Elias.
  • SECOND PLACE: Linda Harrison, Kathy Miller, Johnny Reed & Barry Youngs.

Dinner was on your own so members can choose their favorite eating places. Beef O’ Brady restaurant was one of the favorites.

Friday: Under a slight wind and cloudy skies temp was in the low 60s. We played Ladder Golf. (Game Coordinator, John Stevenson). The score keeping was a little chaotic at the beginning but we finally got the hang of it. Winners were:

  • FIRST PLACE: Fred Tipton & Ann Chartrand.
  • SECOND PLACE: Chris Medici & Marc Loibl.

For dinner our catered dinner was Spaghetti W/meat sauce, Salad, Bread, and dessert. After dinner it was free time and everyone started playing Jokers.


Saturday: Fran Chavar & Linda Harrison (Game Coordinators), set up the Bean Bag Baseball Court outside at the open pavilion. Winners were:

  • FIRST PLACE: Joe Callahan, Roy Byle, Connie Byle, Wes Bull, Mel Fetty, Kim Wickman, Ann Chartrand & Barbara Elias.
  • SECOND PLACE: Joyce Stevenson, Chris Medici, Linda Harrison, Lloyd Legendre, Bob Horvath, Johnny Reed, Marv Miller & Linda Bull.

Today was Dinner on your own. Some people went to Beef O’Brady restaurant and others went for some BBQ food.

Sunday: We played a game of Washer Boards Doubles today. (Game Coordinators. George & Barbara Elias). Washer Board was on “Hold” because we didn’t have enough boards in the past. Today we were short of Washer Board, and being RVers, did our best with what we had. Winners were:

  • FIRST PLACE: Bob Horvath & Barbara Elias.
  • SECOND PLACE: Fern Habel & Joyce Stevenson.

Thanks to Lloyd Lagendre, who organized the Hamburger cookout with MANY Volunteers and John Stevenson who is a “Retired Navy man” volunteered to obtain a LARGE cooker from the Naval base. (I saw two cooks and six admirals supervising the burgers). It was a GROUP effort and was WELL done.

SUPER BOWL GAME SUNDAY: After our activities, most member stay in their RV to watch the game.

Monday: Was an OPEN DAY: Temperatures was in the upper 70s (Weather and Temperature was slowly improving). Some members ventured out to explore the local area attractions such as the “Webster Flea Market. Others stayed in and just Relaxed in their Large RV Sites and some did their Laundry chores.

Tuesday: It was a COOL/COLD Morning. But we played on. Washer Board Singles today, (Game Coordinator. Dave Jacobs). Once again we had limited Washer Boards, But we had FUN. Winners were:

  • First Place: Jens Pedersen.
  • Second Place: Marv Miller.
For dinner, we had another delicious catered Roast chicken dinner. After dinner, we played more Jokers.

Wednesday: Temperature was in the 50s waiting for 80’s?? Jokers was the game this morning: (Game Coordinator: Shirley Mylles). Winners were:

  • FIRST PLACE: Marguerite Habel & Johnny Reed.
  • SECOND PLACE: Bruce Mylles & Kim Hong.
We had the award ceremony before dinner because we had to vacate the hall due to a musical entertainment by the campground. For dinner, we had Pizza and everyone must have enjoyed it because we had very little left.

Thursday: Donuts and coffee was provided at the Clubhouse as we bid each other good-bys and a SAFE journey until we meet again.


  • Shirley Mylles for Food Coordinator/Etc.
  • Bruce Mylles for all Games Coordinator. And BIG THANKS to all of the game coordinators.
  • Lloyd Lagendre & ALL Volunteers for Cook Out.
  • Wayne Dilliplane for Photo duties.
  • All the members, that helped in setting up, Refereeing and cleaning after the games.
SEE YOU 2016.

Respectively Submitted. --- Kim Hong, Chapter President and Wagon master.

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